Microsoft Tech·Ed 2006 Student Day

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Yesterday I attended Microsoft’s Tech·Ed 2006 Student Day. Tagging along with a few friends the main purpose of attending was to hear all about the careers section which was on early during the day. So I’ll describe my thoughts on the various sessions they had available during the day.

Opening Address: Graduate Employment Opportunities – Stuart Packham, Associate Director, Michale Page Technology (Sydney)

A very good session in which Michael described about how I.T has changed since 2001 and what type of opportunities there are available out there. Overall it was a good session to start off Student Day.

Careers at Microsoft: How Large Corporates Ensure they Recruit the Best – Fiona Hathaway

Now before the start of this session, I was interested in hearing what was going to be discussed in this. But it was more of a let down. The fact that Fiona explained that there is pretty much very little development work available in Australia as it is all done overseas. If you are to work for Microsoft in Australia, you will be more aiming for a marketing type job even if you are a programmer. I understand that most jobs would require you to cross over to another field at time to time but to not work in the field that you studied? Kind of makes you feel that all those years at uni are wasted. Another is the recruitment program of Microsoft, saying that only 12 graduates are hired for their special programs a year, but it is not a guaranteed permanent job within the company. But of course these 12 graduates are the best of the best.

One good thing that Fiona pointed out was that it takes more than just skill to get you a job and I can’t agree more on that. Within a profession you need to be able to communicate with others, show that you are open minded, and show you have determination. Overall this session was ok, but it wasn’t very much good, except for the information about the training programs.

Vista Beta 2 Overview and Office 12 Beta Overview

Well I didn’t attend these as I had no interest in seeing Vista or Office so I headed to Kinokuniya with a friend and got lunch as well.

Microsoft Digital Lifestyle – Brad Pigeon & Paul Randle

Ok all I can say about this, PURE MARKETING. The content was exactly the same material shown at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference. Everything from XBOX Live, Mobile Gaming, Digital Home Entertainment, and even the game previews.

Building a Future on Knowledge and Intel – Philip Cronin

Mainly discussions on Intel’s history, and the move to platform development. Meaning Intel is expanding from being a micro processor company to building technology for everyday life style and the workforce.

A Lap Around Microsoft Expression – Dave Glover

PURE MARKETING #2. Just a demonstration of what Microsoft Expression is capable of doing. MS Expression simply gives the user an easy way to construct web standard webpages with the use of templates and other assorted tools.

Evaluation Draw Prizes

Now at the end we had to fill out evaluation forms to enter a draw for prizes. The following were available:

  • 1st Prize: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 (software worth $10,000 AU)
  • 2nd Prize: HP laptop sponsored by Intel
  • 3rd Prize: XBOX 360
  • 4th Prize: Apple iMate (can’t quite remember, but it’s a phone from what I know)

Now all were interesting prizes and unfortunetly I didn’t win. But one thing bugged me and many people and that is the winner of the laptop. The person who won wasn’t even a student and from the looks of it he probably earns enough to buy 3 laptops. Now that is rather unfair.

Expo Area

Not much here. Just mainly businesses to talk to but only if you are making business deals. Some PCs around with Vista Beta 2 loaded so you could try it out. Vista seems no different to XP but more pretty. Went to one booth mainly and that was EXCOM as they are a training company who also help you find a job once you finish the training courses you choose. Not that much but did get free stuff like a towel, beanie, a square stressball and popcorn.

Overall Thoughts

Well the start was good but the rest of the day was PURE MARKETING MICROSOFT STYLE. I’m not sure if it was a waste of a day or what, but at least I learnt some valuable things during the careers session. Also it was the first time I have taken a CityRail train in 2 years, even after 2 years Sydney train system is STILL CRAP. How I do not look forward to taking the train for transportation to work, wherever that may be.

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August 24th, 2006 at 5:29 pm

Nice discussion of the MS TechED day, typical MS brain dead stuff. If you want better compsci/programming jobs, go to IBM or other companies. MS is the wrong place to go to in Australia because they are just sellers/marketing here. Its true that they only allow the cream of the crop graduates, common thing for big corporations and companies that are doing real-impact software/technology.

I read some article somewhere of Fiona’s talk, there were some gaffe bad advice/comments. Take her comments with a grain of salt. The problem with the current industry in Australia is mainly the lack of _skilled_ people. Skilled is not fresh graduates, but rather graduates or skilled programmers that are skilled with a particular set of technologies up to around 3 years experience in real world settings. These usually encompass Java/J2EE (biggest market currently), C# .Net, etc. Then it goes down to those in specialist domains like games programming, specialist admin skills like DB2, Linux/AIX etc.

Have to think out the long term goals so that can properly skill up in your favourite fields. If you go management then usually ends up political stuff, and becomes like what MS is doing for marketing jobs.

Theres also system architects etc but those require hard set experience. Would be good to read the IT sections of The Australian newspaper (Tuesday edition) to get to know more about the going ons of the Australian industry. Another way is to start your own company if you’ve got any innovative ideas.

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