Kamio Misuzu, Tohno Minagi, Kirishima Kano – AIR

July 28, 2006 | Author: | In: Anime Blogs, Figures, Merchandise

Well they are finally here. Delivered to my door just as I was about to go out so I didn’t get to open them until last night.

Air Figures

Scale: 1/8
Material: PVC
Production: Organic
Release Date: July 2006
Price: 4800 JPY
Available: Kamio Misuzu, Tohno Minagi, Kirishima Kano
I can’t remember if these are the first Organic produced figures that I own but I’m sure they are. With AIR being one of my favourite series I had to buy these. Although I already have two Kamio Misuzu figures already I bought all three since they make a set. If Organic did not release Minagi and Kano I probably would have not bought Misuzu by herself.

Well I now finally have a complete set of the girls from AIR, which I am quite happy about. Though out of these three, I would say Minagi is the best due to her pose. Misuzu looks good with the addition of Sora on her arm. As for Kano, I think it would have been better if her arms were at the front so you can see her yellow ribbon, or better yet holding Potato.

Paint work on the three is a little rough only on close inspection of the scarf and yellow parts of the uniform. Though there is one common aspect that I do not like about these figures. The base. Its large and oval. If it was round it would be better but that is not just it. The stumps do not line up to the feet and that applies to all three. As much as I hated it I hand to forcefully stretch their legs a bit for them to be put in place. But also they do not go all the way down. I did not want to leave them attached using one leg as they could bend from the weight.

Above is the one for Misuzu.

And above the boxes they came in. And no my carpet is not green. Overall they are very nice figures, but not produced well like Good Smile or Kotobukiya. I give it a rating of 6 out of 10.

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July 28th, 2006 at 10:19 pm

were those panty shots really nessessary…wait..OF COURSE THEY ARE!!! lol

nice adun! :)


Air Fan

October 21st, 2008 at 11:19 am

i want these dolls sooooooo bad i love this show! i want these dolls and the movie!1



April 12th, 2012 at 4:57 am

where they were bought or where I can get

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