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July 8, 2006 | Author: | In: Manga

After some browsing through various sites I have found some interesting news in regards to the ARIA manga. Firstly Volume 9 of ARIA is going to be released in Japan 10th July, which is only a few days away. Like the previous two releases there will be both a regular and Limited Edition release. Unfortunetly Amazon Japan only have the regular version for sale, available for order here. As for why they don’t have the Limited Edition release I have no idea. They had the previous two before. Anyway I have preordered a copy of Volume 9 as well as Volume 7 (since I’m missing this volume) but if I do see the Limited Edition around I may pick it up. The Limited Edition version contains Mascot hangers of the respective Presidents for each company. More info here.

ARIA Volume 9

Also Tokyopop have annouced at Anime Expo 2006 that they have acquired the license to the AQUA manga (the prequel to ARIA) and the ARIA manga itself. Previously held by ADV Manga but they stopped translating it at Volume 3. Probably due to low sales. Tokyopop have decided that they will start from Volume 1 rather than pick up from where ADV Manga left off. Now I am quite happy about this, but knowing the quality of Tokyopop I am doubtful of it. An example would be that in Tokyopop’s release of Pita-Ten, the pages are partially cut off at the edge. Now I have checked other books of the same volume and the same thing occurs. Well lets hope they do better this time. Info from ANN.

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July 23rd, 2006 at 10:40 pm

ADV’s 3 volumes seemed to be good quality, I’m also hoping that Tokyopop doesn’t screw up the manga. That would totally unforgivable. =)

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